Nick Miller is a way better boyfriend than Danny Castellano. There, I said it.

Holy Shit, just finished season 2 of Fringe. Holy. Shit. 

that is some fucked up shit walternate. 

On The Topic of Eliot Spencer 


I’ve been thinking a lot about the (many) women Eliot dates/hooks up with.  Like, it’s always played up that he’s a Casanova and a charmer but every word out of his mouth about any woman he’s ever been with is respectful.  At one point Hardison goes on about Eliot being such a playboy and says something about stewardesses and Eliot is all “First of all, they’re flight attendants, they don’t like being called stewardesses.”  (The phrasing of this is stunning to me; to Eliot, all the information he needs to not call flight attendants stewardesses is that they don’t like it touches me deeply)

And then there was that one Fashion Job where he rolls up in that damn fine fashion week getup (the eyeliner, dear god I will never be over Eliot with eyeliner and glasses with his hair pulled back BE STILL MY HEART) and when they look at him funny he’s just like “I dated a lot of models, okay?”

Eliot respects the women he dates, but more than that he learns from them.  He doesn’t regard their experiences as silly or frivolous and Eliot, the information sponge, a man with an absolutely astounding eye and memory for detail, does not regard their information as less valuable because it’s sometimes feminine.

As a woman who has had so many men feign interest in my hobbies to get into my pants, or who has had men focus on my looks with out giving a good goddamn what’s between my ears instead of my legs, Eliot “Hey you’re super pretty lets have sex and then I’ll make you dinner while you teach me about interior design” Spencer means so, so much to me.

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I just love their relationship so much, and look forward to how that develops and character development and just

RIGHT?! When Peter was protective of Walter when Grams came to talk about her daughter showed how much he is caring for Walter. And Peter has never really had to care for someone in this way before. He’s getting used to having Walter around in a very different way than his childhood.

Can you give me hope that Astrid will start playing a bigger role?? She is whip smart and badass, and I need more of her!

Also, I don’t know why your message got cut off. :(

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walter bishop is everything

I’m only like 9 episodes in, but when Walter was shuffling around in his robe and socks to shock Peter with static electricity was so great. He was so proud of himself! 

So I started watching Fringe, and so far there hasn’t been an episode where I haven’t gone “What the fuck!!”.

Christian Kane responds to the ALS... | Facebook 

In case anyone missed this! It is so adorable how much he is not looking forward to having the water dumped on him, AND his high pitched shocked laugh/scream. 

ANNNND he called out Aldis! 

I watched the preview of Selfie on Hulu recently and I thought it was so cute! I enjoy Karen Gillan and I LOVE LOVE LOVE John Cho so this casting was already built for me. I appreciated the nods to Pygmalion, which is what Selfie is really. The use of coxcomb, and the sing-song-y way her told her how to dress for the wedding. (and bring a wrap in case it’s breezy).

The thing I like the most is that it is still focusing on the comedy of graces and manners, not let’s do a makeover! Eliza came to Henry wanting to change, not Henry thinking he could change someone. (I’m looking at She’s All That, and countless other teen movies.)

The ending was the weakest link for me. It was too heavy handed. “oh look, medium rain with over spill from gutter. how completely out of the blue.” Also, Karen’s wig, no bueno.

but overall, it made me happy and I’m going to keep watching. (“Don’t be jelly, Linda” may or may not have worked it’s way into my everyday speech. Even if your name isn’t Linda. oops!)  


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