Julie Taylor, secertly the most well written character on FNL 



Ok, I understand this is a Buzzfeed “article” (by which I mean a list with  maybe one sentence per point and an excuse for pics) but come on!

It’s easy to hate on Julie for being bratty, I know I have, but the older I get the more I think she is the most realistic character on the show. Maybe I hated because I related so closely to being an angry teenage girl. (it’s not the prettiest mirror to hold up, hindsight man.)

I’m arguing the article points below, fyi.

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Wallace, King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on you!

But I do know if anyone will be dogged and resourceful in this matter, it’ll be you.

everyone should watch Playing House, especially with their best friend. it’s just pure best friendyness at it finest. 

Graphics, Technically. 


Put a Show/Ship/Character + a Symbol in my Ask & I will make you:

  a graphic using Negative Space
  a graphic Blending two or more screencaps
  a graphic with Text
  a graphic that is has Vibrant colouring
  a graphic that is has Pale colouring

I’ve been having a LOT of Veronica Mars feelings lately. Like I just want to drown in all the beautiful relationships.