Tidalrace is making me want to watch the Rory/Jess saga play out on Gilmore Girls again. It’s just so hard! I want to bang their heads together to try and knock some sense into them!

I love how Gilmore Girls changes as you grow. You relate/react to different characters differently as you age and mature and I think that’s quite possibly the coolest side effect of the show.  



Eliot’s hair while he’s playing baseball in “The Three Strikes Job” is prettier that my hair has ever looked.

The hair people had so much fun with that episode. It was practically a shampoo commercial.

Oh my gosh, right?!? I have a gif set of his hair while he’s playing baseball and when I need a pick me up i’ll go and find it. It’s just so curly and full and luscious. 




It’s not just that both Eliot and Parker know exactly what the other is thinking (tho I love it because Parker is not the most sympathetic person but she always seems to know what Nate and Eliot are thinking because the three of them are the ones who more easily jump into each other’s ruthless wavelength and know what the other is up to without having to talk about it and it’s perfect? gun, trigger and bullet.) but the fact that this OT3 works as the most perfectly intertwined unit and both Eliot and Parker know that if that doesn’t work they’re probably going to die so they just nod at each other and do what they have to do because that’s what makes them them, but they’re not who they used to be either (“we change together”) so she kisses Hardison first even if she doesn’t believe in luck, and Eliot allows himself looking at them one last time before letting Parker go and save the world (in this show the girls are the ones who ultimately save the day while the boys cover their back and are ridiculously affected by them! BEAUTIFUL) while he does his thing which is protecting them with his life until the last moment. Is there a way to get Leverage feelings out of one’s system?

No, you can never get leverage feelings out of your system

Why would you want to?

I’ve yet to find it. But it’s okay. You’re in good company. ;)

Some days you just need to ask yourself, “What would Parker/Eliot/Hardison do?”

if I make you ship something:

1. I am sincerely sorry

2. 1 is a lie

3. it was my plan all along

4. message me stuff about it so we can chat 

It is getting harder and harder for me to continue watching The Mindy Project. As a matter of fact, I think this past weeks episode was the last straw for me.

Danny and Mindy are in a toxic relationship. The moment where you have your “strong” female lead roofie herself in order to have sex with her boyfriend is a problem. For all that Danny has  claimed that Mindy is his best friend, his lack of trust and communication with Mindy is insulting to both of them as characters. The writers spent most of season 2 building up to this relationship, and to see Danny treat Mindy this way doesn’t make him much different than the other jerks she’s dated in the past and it certainly doesn’t respect the growth both characters showed in season 2. I’m not saying that their relationship should magically fix disagreements or gloss over personality differences, because this very much is a case where opposites attract, but their friendship prior to their romantic relationship should help with giving them a stronger foundation.

I want them to work as a couple, I really do, but not at this expense.

Guys, sorry I haven’t been around. I’m going into the throws of midterms, eek! Hopefully I can come up for air soon. 

Dan Conner is an absolute dreamboat. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Wrong at life.